Wooden blinds Dubai – Your guide to choosing blinds

Wood is a natural choice for those who wish to add a royal touch to their houses. And, wooden blinds in Dubai are no exception. It blends into your house with a touch of elegance and a classic feel. 

Wooden blinds in Dubai come from multiple sources like Europe, the US, etc. You also get an array of colors and finishes for your wooden shades. If you go to the best curtain shop in Dubai, you will get made-to-measure wooden blinds in all sizes and colors. 

Advantages of Wooden Blinds in Dubai

Wooden blinds offer endless advantages to customers. Let us look into some of the advantages here.

  • Adds to your luxury

Wooden blinds in Dubai are so premium looking that they will add a touch of luxury to your overall interior. 

  • Multiple shade options

When it comes to wooden blinds in Dubai, the most prominent colors are White, Mahagony, and black. Yet, you get to pick from several colors of choice to personalize the blinds according to your style. 

  • Prevents heat

Wood is a natural material that will prevent sunlight from entering your room. It can protect your interior and furniture from extreme sunlight and hot climate. 

  • Add warmth to your space

Wooden blinds in Dubai are so sophisticated and beautiful that they will prevent cold waves from entering your room. As blinds act as insulators, they will provide warmth to the room. 

  • Made to measure specifications

Wooden blinds can be cut and tailor-made to suit any size. Yet, we recommend you not to use wooden blinds in Dubai for large windows considering the weight of the blinds. 

In addition to the above benefits, wooden blinds in Dubai also gives your room a fresh and clean look.

Revamping your interior with wooden blinds in Dubai

Wooden blinds in Dubai are perfect for your house interiors. The wood Venetian blinds offer a great view of your window. With a great choice of colors, tones, and finishes, you can transform your interior to next-levels. 

In addition to the qualities, you get matching accessories, tapes, and customized colors to personalize your wooden blinds.

Types of wooden blinds in Dubai

Wooden blinds come in three types, namely vertical wooden blinds, horizontal wooden blinds (Venetial blinds), and roller wooden blinds. While Venetian blinds are best suited for houses in general, vertical wooden blinds are a new trend that will enhance the total feel of your interior. Roller wooden blinds are stylish compared to other blinds as they can easily be dropped or rolled.

When it comes to choosing the best wooden blinds in Dubai, you need to approach the right seller with a proven track record and experience. Check for high-quality wood that will last longer. 

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Wooden Blinds In Dubai

We offer one of the best collections of wooden blinds in Dubai. All of our blinds are constructed from the highest quality hardwood and are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and stains. A variety of customisation options are available, including slat sizes from 19mm to 65mm, strings, tapes, and left and right controls. Choosing blinds from this wide range of options will ensure that you can find the perfect one for your home.  

With wooden blinds, your home or office will look very natural. With white and natural shades, your windows will look completely different. Moreover, wooden blinds are said to block a considerable amount of heat as well as completely block the light. And the wooden blinds swatches add a solid appearance.
Different shades, stains, and colors are available for wooden blinds, including rustic, contemporary, and modern styles. Their popularity is evident from their many advantages

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Made To Measure Wooden Blinds Dubai

All of our wooden blinds are made to measure, meaning they are measured by experts, machine cut to size, and hand assembled at our facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our highly skilled craftsmen craft every blind based on our customers’ individual requirements. As a result, your new blind will fit seamlessly into your window, providing you with maximum light control and privacy

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