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Curtain maker is your one-stop shop for buying all types of curtains in Dubai. Our highly skilled team provides tailor-made curtains in any size and any design in all of Dubai. If you looking for blackout curtains, bedroom curtains, sheer living room curtains or blinds we got what you need for designing your home windows. Our curtains are perfectly crafted with high quality components and accessories and now you can buy curtains in many designs and shades.

Discover your dream colors from over 2000 curtain fabrics, and bring your window curtain ideas to life with our different curtain styles. To buy curtains you can schedule a free home consultation with one of our window curtain experts or WhatsApp us to know more

Whether you’re looking to buy curtains in blackout fabrics or cotton , linen natural curtain fabrics, we’ve got you covered. Buy curtains today, book a home design visits and one of our salesman will come to your house with huge collections of catalogs.

It’s easy to buy curtains from us, if you’re not sure of purchasing you can check the curtains prices for your windows or ask for anything by messaging us in WhatsApp.

All of our sales team speaks good English and easy to communicate with. With years of experience they know they’re stuffs in curtains designing and installations we are one of the best place to buy curtains in Dubai.

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Best Place to Buy Curtains In Dubai

You have many options when buying curtains in Dubai. Here are the major options for buying curtains in Dubai and their pros and cons

Buying Curtains from Ikea: Like buying anything from a busy furniture store like ikea, buying curtains from Ikea is not a complete quality solution, especially in Dubai due to the climate and amount of light you get through the windows, the last thing you need is less quality curtains. Another biggest challenge in Dubai is that windows are not of standard sizes, so to get a beautiful look you must buy from someone with experience.

Buying Curtains from online stores: If you purchased from online stores before well you know that unlike us, online stores cannot provide customized designs and home visits to create curtains that suit your needs, but if you are a DIY person, you may be able to design your own curtains.

Buy directly from tailors in Dragonmart or Naif: Tailors in Dragonmart or Naif can stitch nice curtains, but there is a big language and cultural barrier. Your project or idea might be misunderstood by them, giving you a headache, You may have seen this when working with designers who purchase from them.

Buy from Curtain Maker Dubai: We are highly focused on the quality of the curtain you can buy. Custom curtains with good quality accessories is our motto. Hence we give warranty for all your purchases. We are not the cheapest in Dubai but we are one of the best place to buy curtains in Dubai.

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