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We Curtain Maker Dubai specialize in bedroom curtains, blackout curtains and roller blinds in Dubai. Custom made and designed to perfectly fit to your window size. With over thousands of curtains and blinds fabrics selections, free home curtain home design visits and well-trained staff order your curtains from the best curtain manufacturer in Dubai.

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Do you want to custom design your Dubai home curtains and blinds?   Are you searching for the best curtain shop in Dubai?
Have your curtains and blinds custom-made from curtain maker Dubai the best shop to buy curtains in Dubai.

Buy curtains from Curtain Maker Dubai and get designing advice and catalogs visit for free; Our curtain experts will guide you in designing curtain’s for your Dubai home.
We are the best curtain shop in Dubai, because firstly we visit you and accurately measure your windows so your curtains will fit flawlessly. With this in mind, secondly we make curtains in Dubai with fabric gathering 2.5 times of the window’s width, while other curtain shops in Dubai make it 2 times of window’s width, Hence your curtains will perfectly fit your home or office windows. Thirdly we only use higher quality components and accessories to manufacture curtains in Dubai to get that extra touch of luxury in your home window curtains in Dubai, and lastly we source the finest curtain fabrics from all over the world to your door step in Dubai so you can have all options in designing your window curtains in Dubai

Our expert curtain salesman’s in Dubai will guide you in selecting the right product for your window curtains, measure your home or office windows, recommend curtains configurations, and install the curtains in Dubai within days. Book a free curtain appointment today, In case you don’t confirm at the appointment, we will provide you with a free curtains quote based on your windows measurements & curtain fabric selections

Choose right Fabric for your Curtains

We offer over 2000 fabric options for your bedroom window curtains in Dubai. Browse our site to see what curtain’s options are available.

 These luxe-feeling custom bedroom curtains are not only beautiful, they’re handmade in Dubai using quality curtain materials. That means behind each one there’s a rich and textured history and no two curtains will exactly the same. 
The double curtain design allows you to decorate your bedroom windows with different styles that suit your preference.

If you still confused, let our curtains sales experts guide you in purchasing right Curtains And Blinds Dubai, We provide free home visits and free curtain designing anywhere in Dubai.

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All types of curtains can be found at Curtain Maker – a one-stop curtain shop in Dubai. Any custom size and any design can be made by our highly skilled team in Dubai. When it comes to designing your home windows, we have the curtains you need, whether you’re looking for blackout curtains, bedroom curtains, roman blinds, sheer living room curtains, or blinds. We sell high quality curtains that are perfectly crafted with high quality components and accessories. You can now choose from a variety of designs and shades of curtains.

With our diverse curtain styles, you can make your window curtain ideas a reality by choosing from over 2000 curtain fabrics. Interested in buying curtains? You can schedule a free home consultation with one of our curtain experts or send us a WhatsApp message

Whether you’re looking to buy curtains in blackout fabrics or cotton , linen natural curtain fabrics, we’ve got you covered. Buy curtains today, book a home design visits and one of our salesman will come to your house with huge collections of catalogs.

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Check curtains cost: Get a quick estimate for installing curtains on your windows by sending us a picture or the measurements of your windows.
Have questions? Feel free to contact us by WhatsApp, we’re available 24/7.

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It’s very easy and convenient now to buy curtains from us, book a free design appointment with us. We will visit you with catalogs, help you design your curtains, measure your windows and give you a quotation based on the measurements and selections WITH NO EXTRA COST!!. Book today if you’re not sure of purchasing yet you can check the curtains prices for your windows or ask for anything by messaging us in WhatsApp.

All of our sales team speaks good English and easy to communicate with. With years of experience they know their stuffs in curtains designing and installations makes us one of the best place to buy curtains in Dubai.

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